R Elliott Associates can carry out surveys if you are buying or selling your property, or have concerns about its condition. Following the survey, we will inform you of the building’s condition and why these faults are occurring and help provide solutions to any remedial works that may be necessary.

We can offer the following surveys:

Building Survey

Survey of the condition of the building carried out by a surveyor who will identify defects and recommended repairs. Any structural defects, such as cracking, will be noted but not formally diagnosed. Suitable for properties where there are maintenance issues rather than structural issues.

Specific Structural Inspection

Survey of structural defects in a particular area of a building. The inspection will focus on structural defects and repairs, rather than general building defects, unless these have caused the structural issues. Often requested following points raised in a Building Survey, but also for anyone who has concerns generally about a crack or similar defect. Work is undertaken on an hourly rate basis.

General Structural Inspection

This type of survey includes the benefits of both the Building Survey and the Specific Structural Inspection, combining the experience of both a surveyor and structural engineer to give the most complete picture of the condition of a property.

Our surveys can either be a full inspection of the property or a detailed inspection of a particular area of concern. A comprehensive technical report will be written after the inspection, detailing all of the defects that were found and listing all the recommended repairs that are required on the different elements of the building.

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Our Credentials

Thirty years of satisfied clients and full membership to the ‘Institution of Structural Engineers’ which is the leading professional body for qualifications and standards in structural engineering. We are also a registered practice with the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists.

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