Flood Risk Assessment

SUR 1/SUR 2 & Flood Risk Assessment

The Code for Sustainable Homes has been introduced to encourage continuous improvement in the construction of new developments. The code is an environmental assessment method in which a development is rated based on the following points:

  • Energy and CO2 Emissions
  • Water Use
  • Materials
  • Surface Water Run-off (Sur1 & Sur2)
  • Waste
  • Pollution
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Management
  • Ecology

There are 3 achievable levels in the assessment, Code Level 3 to 6. Many councils have started to implement a minimum standard of Code Level 3 or 4 for all new developments within their jurisdiction. This in turn requires an accredited sustainability consultant to oversee the project.

To comply with the mandatory requirements for Surface Water Run-off (SUR 1), an appropriately qualified person is required to carry out hydrological calculations to assess the impact from the new development and to minimise the increase of surface water to local drainage.

Although flood risk assessments (SUR 2) is not a mandatory requirement for the Code for Sustainable Homes, it gains valuable points in which aid in acquiring your required code level.

We can undertake flood risk assessments, as required now for many planning applications in England, for single dwellings up to large gas drilling sites.

  • Preparation of flood risk assessments
  • Drainage assessments
  • Assessment of current and future risks.
  • Design of Sustainable drainage systems (SUDs)

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDs) have a role to play in new and existing developments. All different land use changes have an effect on the natural hydrological cycle, and needs to be carefully controlled.

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Compliance with mandatory requirements for Surface Water Run-off (SUR 1), an appropriately qualified person is required to carry out hydrological calculations.

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